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You know our automotive car seats, but you may not know the amazing story behind them. We immerse ourselves in the essence of design to express our values and character.



Equipped with over 27 years of experience and expertise in car seats, SSCUS is a leading Malaysian brand with an exquisite product range for cars, vans and ambulances. Year after year, we continued to design, manufacture and provide the finest selection of seats for each buyer’s needs – comfortable, reliable, and sophistication.

In each of our products, you will find that SSCUS stands by its name – Safe, Stable, Comfort, Unique and Stylish.

Our Product Range

SSCUS has a range of seating products suitable for various usages and vehicle models. Our most popular product would be the sports bucket seats, a renowned product in the automotive and motorsports market. We provide for other vehicle needs as well, such as the SSCUS tour van seats, shell seats and ambulance seats.

The top-tier quality of SSCUS products have also helped it to serve as in the OEM market, for which we have provided both locally and internationally as well.

Buy with Confidence

SSCUS’s product quality, integrity and continuous support and services throughout the consumer’s journey have become the building blocks of our company’s success in the market, and SSCUS will strive to continue producing our products with the same essence to compete in the international markets.

We can promise you the quality and satisfaction, and so we prompt you to buy with confidence.


Our Vision

To become a world class brand with our car seat line up for the new generation of automotive industries with stringent production guidelines, organizational teamwork and continuous R&D to improve our product range.

Our Mission

SSCUS strives to provide excellence and ensure customer satisfaction through designing comfortable seating with the highest commitment of quality, constant innovation, and endless improvements of team skills and technology.

Our Founders

Ray & Kong

Founders working hand-in-hand as siblings to grow their business specializing in car seats to Malaysia and other foreign markets such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Mauritius, USA, UK and several other places. Both individuals have worked together since 1992 after the completion of their studies and have continued to manage the company since its establishment.

Brand Story


A Humble Beginning

The founders of SSCUS, Ray and Kong, started out with a small car interior repair shop in 1992 – located in a quaint shop lot with just 4 workers. With this humble beginning, Ray and Kong developed an interest in car seats. From that point onwards, the brothers have strived to grow their business in that direction.

A Slow but Sure Upgrade

In 2002, SSCUS went on to move to a light industry lot with 25 workers, and upgraded again to a larger factory in 2006 with over 60 workers where it remains today. Even with the move, SSCUS continued to overlook each and every stage of manufacturing the perfect car seat for drivers. SSCUS has a strict quality control on every production stage to ensure that our products meet every customer’s needs and expectations.

Growing International

With more workers, a bigger factory lot and much more experience from when SSCUS first started over 27 years ago, SSCUS is now a manufacturer for OEM seats, sports seats, tour van seats, ambulance seats and much more.

Now equipped with a higher production capacity, SSCUS is able to bring its product sales to greater heights; SSCUS products were first sold only nationwide, but have expanded to include the export market since the move.

SSCUS currently owns staff in the R&D team, manufacturing team and admins to ensure a smooth flow of operation in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, UK, Mauritius and several other countries as well.


We are Certified

We are committed to bring you seats, seating accessories and harnesses which are certified to be safe and stable. SSCUS is TUV-certified, meeting the German Equipment Product Safety Act. We hope that this certification brings our customers a better sense of security when they choose our products.

We are an Award-winning Team

SSCUS sport seats are the top choice for the participants of Malaysia Rainforest Challenge 4×4. We have also emerged as the champion for the category of 2,000 – 3,000cc, secured the second spot overall for year 2002 and also won several other competitions and championships in the recent years.

We are the Preferred Brand

SSCUS took up government projects in 2008 to help produce seats for trains, ambulances and stadium seats. We also take pride on having national car OEMs and overseas branded OEM from our own product range. SSCUS is the preferred brand not just in Malaysia where we are founded – but also on an international scale as well.

With our range of shell seats, sports seats, gaming seats and more, we strive to provide for every individual’s needs with good quality and product excellence.